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Our story

LenaBlum perfume house was founded in 2020. We create niche perfumes, using only high end natural ingredients. LenaBlum perfumes are handmade in limited numbered batches up to 500 pieces. LenaBlum loves to explore. Some places become a part of us. The people, and their stories. We aim to share those special places with you, inhabited as scents.You join our ride using your most sensitive senses and memories. We let you travel in hindsight. Meet LenaBlum’s first edition, memorised in the mesmeri- sing nature on the island of Gotland, Sweden.


During winter

During winter, colours of grey dominate the island.

“During winter, colours of grey dominate the island.
The juniper grows horizontal, as shaped by winter storms. The grey patterns of oak moss on trees, rock formations and stone walls are long forgotten during the lush sum- mer, when black sheep and their lambs soften the fields that seem like extended flower-carpets. Wild roses circle and tangle their way up to the sun. Bees doing what they do best, they zoom, hum and overdose in this extra- vagance. I wipe my sandy feet after a nap on the beach. It leaves fine white traces on the pedals of my bike.
I love it when the long shadows guide me home.”

The ingredients for our scents are carefully chosen, using only natural oils from plants that you find naturally on Gotlands. We mix, filter and bottle our limited batches by hand. Always to a maximum of 500 pieces per batch. The base that we use for our Extrait de Parfum is not just a generic alcohol. It is especially made for Lenablum out of triple distilled Gotlandic wheat, straight from the fields. This way you can be sure that the mere part of your per- fume has its origin straight from the Gotlandic terroir.

The base for our solid perfume comes directly from beeswax that has been hovering over the flowery fields in the northern part of the island. A solid perfume is gentle and easy to wear. Just rub some solid perfume with a clean finger behind your ear or on your wrist. This is a classic way of perfuming that was used in ancient times. It is a very elegant and discrete way of carrying a scent. We have not tested on animals. Instead, we used our- selves, friends and family as guinea pigs. And, maybe good to know, we do not look at gender. Our scents are for whoever it pleases.