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‘Out of the Woods’ – Best Scandinavian Perfume ’23

LenaBlum – ‘Out of the Woods’ was awarded with the Beauty Oscar for Best Scandinavian Perfume ’23 by Aftonbladet’s Skönhetsredaktorna

About our perfumes

handmade batches

The ingredients for our scents are carefully chosen, using only natural oils from plants that you find naturally on Gotland. We mix, filter and bottle our limited batches by hand. 

The base that we use for our Extrait de Parfum is not just a generic alcohol. It is especially made for Lenablum out of triple distilled Gotlandic wheat, straight from the fields. This way you can be sure that significant components of your perfume originate from the Gotlandic terroir.

The base for our solid perfume comes directly from beeswax that has been hovering over the flowery fields in the northern part of the island.

We have not tested on animals. Instead, we used our-selves, friends and family as guinea pigs.

And, maybe good to know, we do not look at gender. Our scents are for whoever it pleases.

“I approach perfumery as a form of art, like a vehicle for storytelling, like all art is meant to evoke emotions, memories or epiphanies.”

Extrait de Parfum Naturel

Out of the woods

OUT OF THE WOODS is an ode to the natural contrasts in the Gotlandic nature. Rough and sweet. Dry and lush. Grey and green. Spiky and soft. The utter metamorphosis between seasons comes alive in this green yet also floral scent. Heavily loaded with natural perfume oils, based on alcohol that was triple distilled of wheat from Gotland’s soil, brings back happy memories.

Top: Juniperberries, Pine, Meadow
Mid: Wild Roses, Iris Butter, Lindenblossom, Magnolia
Base: Oak Moss, Honey abs, Cedarwood

“I think I got a bit lost in the forest. I remember an open space that wasn’t there before, a pile of freshly chopped trees was forming huge walls next to the path. It took a moment but then I suddenly realised where I was. Soft tred, moss under my feet. Juniper trees and wild rose bushes. A breeze that carried hints of other distant flowers. I got up, and went looking for them”


Parfum Naturel Solide

Honey on the rocks

HONEY ON THE ROCKS is a solid perfume, the natural perfume oils are based on beeswax gathered by Gotlands bees-squad, which already give the base the scent of summer. This is a soft, complex, yet mysterious scent that you can carry along in your pocket.

A solid perfume is gentle and easy to wear. Just rub some solid perfume with a clean finger behind your ear or on your wrist. This is a classic way of perfuming that was used in ancient times. It is a very elegant and discrete way of carrying a scent.

Top –   Juniperwood, Pine, Fir
Mid –   Iris Butter, Helichrysum, Sea Buckthorn
Base – Clary Sage abs, Cedarwood, Oak Moss, Beeswax abs

“The forests stretch far, almost reaching into the sea, and the flowers do the same. They count in thousands this early summer. Orchids next to lily of the valley, heather flowers and columbine, purple sage and all the berry bushes blossom. Like in a perfect world all sorts and colours mix and match. My honey sits on a rock, feet dangling into the clear water.”

Body oil


VITASTJERNA Body Oil will come to you in a sturdy, solid white, glass bottle and will look great in every bathroom. This exclusive, soothing body oil, is naturally perfumed and based on nourishing oils that come straight from the fields and the forests to your skin.
We recommend to pamper yourself after your shower, swim or bath. Apply on wet or dry skin. Don’t worry; this oil will be taken up very quickly.

The ideal combination of oat, rapeseed, sunflower and lingonberry oils will feed and soften your skin and give it a non-greasy, silky feel all day.
The natural perfume ingredients will give you the scent of spicy forest and soft flowers to take your mind right back into the relaxing vibe of the Gotlandic life.

Honey / Rose / Cardamom / Juniper / Lavender

“ The jetty stretches far into the sea, up to the point where the shallow coast allows you to jump into the Baltic water. I’ve seen many people do it from early morning to late in the evenings. Summer and winter. After their bath, most of them will walk home, dressed in a comfortable bathrobe. I stay for a while and watch the waves. My mind takes me to the story of Vitastjerna, the first woman that ever lived on Gotland as the Gute Saga tells us. She had a predictive dream that had nothing to do with giving her name to a Gotland based luxurious body oil many centuries later, but it is a nice story anyway.Look it up if you like and have a nice relaxed read after your bath or swim.”



LenaBlum perfume house was founded in 2020. We create niche perfumes, using only high end natural ingredients. LenaBlum perfumes are handmade in limited numbered batches.

LenaBlum loves to explore. Some places become a part of us. The people and their stories. We aim to share those special places with you, inhabited as scents. You join our ride using your most sensitive senses and memories. We let you travel in hindsight.

Meet LenaBlum’s first edition, memorised in the mesmerising nature on the island of Gotland, Sweden.

“The name LenaBlum is dedicated to my great grandmother. There is a saying that a person is not forgotten, until their name is forgotten. Let’s memorise what is dear to you.”

About Gotland

Rock formations
and wild roses.

“During winter, colours of grey dominate the island. The juniper grows horizontal, as shaped by winter storms. The grey patterns of oak moss on trees, rock formations and stone walls are long forgotten during the lush summer, when black sheep and their lambs soften the fields that seem like extended flower-carpets. Wild roses circle and tangle their way up to the sun. Bees doing what they do best, they zoom, hum and overdose in this extravagance. I wipe my sandy feet after a nap on the beach. It leaves fine white traces on the pedals of my bike. I love it when the long shadows guide me home.”

About the packaging


We have rethought packaging. We strive for our packaging to be both beautiful and simple, protective and sustainable, not to cause any excessive waste. Therefore our paper packaging is made from FSC certified carton and paper. All boxes are all in one size in which we can fit any product that you will get from us.

We use glass bottles that are made in Europe. The jar for the solid is made out of biodegradable material, so once again, no plastics. Both products are fully recyclable of course. 

Your solid perfume will come in an exclusive box, specially designed and produced by Skulpturfabriken. It is made out of Gotlandic concrete with a wooden lid. We hope you will use the concrete box as a nice piece on your dressing table or perhaps to hold someother memory like a beautiful stone or shell.

About the creator


As a filmmaker I traveled the world and made beautiful stories. More and more I started to realise that my strongest memories not only came from what I saw with my cinematographer eyes, but also from what I smelled with my sensitive nose. In 2017 I decided to work with my nose and started studying to become a perfumer. I wanted to share my stories with an audience through scent. The script changed into a study of nature from a certain place, the shooting changed into strolling the seashore and spending hours in the woods and the editing took place in my atelier. During my work as a filmmaker I visited the Swedish ‘Bergman Island’ Gotland in the Baltic Sea several times. Instantly I knew that this should be the first bottle of memories I wanted to share. I want to look at perfume in a different way. From a cinematographic point of view. If you are shooting on location, you also have to deal with what is actually there. This natural limitation inspires me. I like to use this modus operandi on the scents I create. This way the place of origin needs to end up in the bottle. No interpretations, I just look at what is there. And surely, there is more than enough, more than I could have ever imagined.